Applications of Corn in Baking // September 28th-29th

Applications of Corn in Baking // September 28th-29th


While rye, spelt, and Ancient Grains have grown in popularity in recent years, Appalachia’s climate and geography has never accommodated their production on a significant scale. Instead, this region has always been centered around corn, in the form of cornmeal, grits, and more. As we seek out regional grain economies across the States, it is important in this region to think of how our staple can be added to breads and pastries. In this two-day workshop, we’ll delight in the knowledge of two bakers that have been doing this for years: Josh Bellamy of Boulted Bread in Raleigh, and Dave Bauer of Farm & Sparrow here in Asheville. Geared more toward the professional baker and serious home bakers, we’ll practice a polenta levain, a corn-based laminated pastry, a scalded corn flour bread, and more as we explore the possibilities of the incredible Farm & Sparrow corn products. 

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Instructors: Josh Bellamy, Dave Bauer, and Brennan Johnson

Dates: September 28th & 29th, 9am - 3:30pm


Josh Bellamy

After graduating from UNC-Chapel Hill in 2006, Josh bounced around NC, working a variety of jobs with at-risk youth. He started baking bread at home to relieve some stress, fell in love with the process, and completed a professional baking certificate program before working at the incredible Elmore Mountain Bread in Vermont. After moving back to NC and working at Weaver Street Bakery, he met Fulton Forde and Sam Kirkpatrick, who together opened Boulted Bread in 2014. Josh continues to oversee the bakery as well as a new project in Raleigh, Benchwarmers Bagels.


Dave Bauer

After apprenticing at some of the most notable sourdough bakeries across the US and Europe, Dave Bauer created Farm and Sparrow in this very space years ago. The small project quickly garnered a huge following for its wood-fired, fresh milled breads and pastries. These days the operation has shifted its focus solely to milling, and provides the region with some of the best corn, wheat, oats, and more around.