Pie Party -- October 7th

Pie Party -- October 7th


Monday evenings have never been so exciting! We’ll convene at the Walnut Schoolhouse from 6:30 to 9pm, make an all-butter pie dough from scratch and bake our seasonal fruit pies in the wood-fired oven. Along the way we’ll discuss pie making basics like layering in butter and incorporating flavorful grains into crusts—all the while enjoying some natural wine from our friends at Crocodile Wine. You’ll leave with your very own pie, plus the recipe and knowledge to make many more at home.

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Instructor: Brennan Johnson

Date: October 7th, 6:30pm-9pm


Brennan’s fascination with food culture and history was catalyzed by a trip to Western Europe in 2009 to study communal brick ovens. He began baking bread soon after, baking out of his father’s own brick oven and selling at local farmers markets during his high school summers. He has a degree from Whitman College in Environmental Humanities—which for him meant exploring our culture’s relationship to food—and he has worked in restaurants and bakeries in San Francisco, Portland, and Asheville. The Walnut Schoolhouse is, for him, a way to piece together those disparate experiences, combining his curiosity in food studies with his love of hands-on cooking.